Even when you take excellent care of your teeth, life happens—and sometimes things just break or crack. If one of your natural teeth breaks, our Palm Harbor dentist can usually repair the damage with a dental restoration. But what happens when your restoration itself breaks down?

Dealing With a Broken Dental Crown

Dental restorations are highly durable, but they are still made from artificial materials and are still prone to breaking now and again. If you bite down too hard on a piece of food or start chewing on objects like pens with your artificial teeth, you will probably have a broken dental crown on your hands.

When your tooth crown breaks, the first thing you should do is contact your Palm Harbor dentist. Once you contact our treatment team at Palm Harbor Family Dentistry, we can help you determine what to do next. We will want to see you within the next several days, but you may need to perform a little DIY-tooth crown maintenance in the meantime.

Caring for a Broken Tooth Crown in Palm Harbor, FL

If your broken dental crown in Palm Harbor, FL is in pieces or loose in your mouth, it’s usually best to remove the crown, so you don’t accidentally swallow it or damage your natural teeth on the broken ceramic pieces. If the tooth crown isn’t loose enough to quickly come free, leave it in your mouth to avoid any additional injury.

Additionally, if your natural tooth is bleeding underneath or around the broken tooth crown fragments, you should rinse your mouth out gently to remove potential bacteria and then apply a piece of gauze or clean tissue to the area to stop the bleeding.

Once you see your Palm Harbor, FL dentist, we will either repair the broken tooth crown or create a new dental restoration entirely.

Schedule a Dental Crown Repair Today

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