Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Palm Harbor, FL

Oral cancer is defined by the rampant growth of abnormal cells inside the mouth or throat. Oral cancer commonly appears as lesions or sores that don’t heal in the following places:


Your dentist plays a significant role in the prevention and detection of oral cancer. The dentists at Massey Dentistry scan for oral cancer regularly.

What are the signs of oral cancer?

In addition to sores in or around the mouth that don’t heal, signs and symptoms of oral cancer can also include:

-Thickening of the skin
-White patches
-Unusual pain
-Difficulty swallowing or chewing
-Persistent sore throat

If you notice any lumps, sores, or skin changes in or around your mouth, make an appointment with your doctor or one of the highly trained dentists at Massey Dentistry right away. Early detection and treatment are vital to a successful recovery.

How is an oral cancer screening performed?

An oral cancer screening is a simple process during which your dentist or hygienist looks inside of your mouth. They use gloved hands, an oral mirror, and a light to check for abnormalities like red bumps or white patches.

The specialists at Massey Dentistry scan for oral cancer during your routine visits. If they notice any concerning signs, they may perform additional tests such as the blue dye test. Abnormal cells tend to soak up the blue dye in the special mouth rinse solution.

Your dentist may have you return for a follow-up appointment to see if the sores inside your mouth change. If they suspect cancer, they may take a sample of the tissue for a biopsy and refer you to a physician.

Oral cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages since it doesn’t always cause pain or concerning symptoms. It’s crucial to leave detection to the trained eyes of the professionals at Massey Dentistry. Dr. Taylor Massey scans for oral cancer at every routine appointment. To learn more about oral cancer screenings, call or book an appointment online.


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